For someone who depends on words as much as I do, I’m awful at introductions- or saying anything about myself really at all. Bodes well, doesn’t it?

To start off, I guess, you may be wondering who I am. Well, most of the time I don’t really know that myself, but here’s a start.

I am
– A writer and a bookworm running headlong to any weird, quirky, fantastical story I can find or concoct
– A first-year ELA teacher constantly questioning my choice in occupation
– A nature lover dealing with way too many allergies to be comfortable with nature
– A life-long Appalachian in love with the mountains but nevertheless thoroughly trapped by the bible belt

And probably a lot more too, that you’ll see if you hang around here long enough.

And why this blog? Well, long story short, I read and write, because otherwise my mental health decays faster than the leftovers in my currently cruddy sink. Skipping out on that is the best way to lose touch with myself and slip into a mental breakdown. Guess what being a first-year teacher is totally not conducive to. Thus, hanging by a plot thread. Because stories, others as well as mine, are the only thing keeping me tethered some days and maybe this will get my butt into gear about actually taking care of my own brain. Feel free to stick around for the ride.