Thankful Thursday- So that happened…

So, you may have noticed (probably not, but hey I can hope) that I kind of dropped off the face of the earth these last few weeks. First from the thankful Thursday updates and then from everything else. And considering why I made this blog to begin with you may be able to guess who or rather what the culprit is. Yeah, that whole making sure I don’t drive myself into the ground with work hasn’t exactly panned out, because evidently, I’m even more of a perfectionist then I would’ve thought. Also evidently a lot easier to become a workaholic than you might think. But hey, life or fate or what-have-you decided to step in and kick my butt so that’s no longer an issue, because my winter exhaustion finally kicked in and it’s walloped me. I’ve spent the last week and a half kind of feeling like I’m two steps from falling physically on my face.

So the overworking was a thing that is hopefully no longer a thing.

Let’s try this again.

This week I am very very thankful for:

No School
So, going along with this whole theme, I can say that I am very thankful for the fact that I have a five day weekend. Because the flu has hit my school so hard we’re having to call in substitute bus drivers. on top of that there’s flooding, so even if we had had the numbers to have school a lot of people would not have been able to get there anyway. Yay for a break! Couldn’t have had better timing.

New clothes? Kinda?
I discovered this week that I can finally wear a few sweaters and shirts that have been sitting in my bottom drawer for the last year or so. This one’s a little double sided since the reason they now fit is that my metabolism is out of whack, but hey I’ll take the positives where I can get them. This way I can still wear them while the temperatures are cool enough and if my system has to be on the fritz at least I can be cozy.

Hello Mr. Blue
We’re dealing with an awful lot of rain now, but we did have a really pretty day on Saturday. Blue sky, nice temperatures- just an awesomely beautiful day. We’ve been dealing with the winter blahs, everything gray and sunless, so seeing a clear sky was like getting a breath of fresh air. I hadn’t even realized how much I needed it until I stepped outside. It was like a twenty pound weight being lifted off of me.

A Nice Case of the Lazies
Last weekend was just really nice overall, since I spent it being utterly lazy. I did so little it’s not even funny and it was marvelous. The fact that I got to be lazy with my parents was just an added plus. I hadn’t seen them in awhile so i made an extended visit. Movie marathon on Saturday (and hey, who knew I’d enjoy the hallmark mystery series that much?), sunny outing on Sunday, and NO STRESS.

Bye Bye boring windows
Lastly, and this may seem like an odd one, I finally figured out how to hang up curtains in my classroom. Not done yet, but I’ve finally got a plan. I’ve been trying to figure that out for the last month and my kids spent just as much time before that complaining about the glaring sun in the mornings. Now I can avoid that issue and it’ll hopefully add to the environment score during my observations. Plus, it’ll just look nice.

So that’s that. Hopefully, I can keep up the time and energy to make more posts because the weeks that I couldn’t were absolute heck. I’ve missed doing my weekly updates hello and sharing these bright spots in my life. Hello I know very few people read these, at least in comparison to some of my other posts but I like them all the same and it’s good to just think of yourself sometimes. And now to flip this around- to the few people who do stop in, how was your week? Good, bad, somewhere in between? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know.  

Thankful Thursday – Back to the Grind

So, today being the first day back from Christmas vacation I’m not exactly feeling very thankful… what can I say, breaks are never long enough. Be that as it may, it does a brain good to try to focus on the positives sometimes, especially on those days where the negatives seem to abound.

It’s a short week, at least
I may have had to go back after what feels like way to short of a time, but at least I only have to deal with two days before I get a break. I’m through one day already, so the weekend is just within reach.

I haven’t gotten the flu
Considering I dealt with the aftermath of a stomach virus for a good portion of Christmas break, this seems a bit of an odd thing to be thankful for, but I found out today that the current strain of the flu is particularly bad, and considering how my body normally handles anything like that, I think I’ll stick with having had the stomach stuff… crossing fingers.

I haven’t had to cook dinner the past few days
Parents and in-laws wanting to eat out for New Years eve and day, and then hubby bringing home dinner tonight… sounds just fine to me.

Critical Role
On my last day or so of break I starting watching campaign one of the series, and I’m finding it just as entertaining as campaign two- at least now that I’ve skipped into the series a bit instead of starting out right at the beginning and have discovered…

Closed Captioning
My hearing is pretty good, but combine a very slight delay in my own auditory processing speeds with at times less than stellar audio quality and you’ve got a frustrated listener. The captioning is helping out a lot with the earlier episodes.

Thankful Thursday – Have Yourself a Pepto Bismol Christmas

Well, when I posted last Thursday’s thankful post talking about how the end of the semester was within sight I didn’t realize just how close to the end I was.

Okay, that sounds pretty ominous.

Don’t worry, nothing catastrophic- but I did end up stuck in bed for a few days due to the stomach bug that hit the school shortly before Christmas break. Thus, this week I was so thankful for…

Ice chips
Weird thing to be thankful for I know, but when you have difficulty dealing with much going on your stomach ice chips can be such a help. For about a day this was all I consumed, and I will forever be grateful for the fact that we had a full bad in the freezer.

Almost-decent Timing
The bug hit me and possibly the best time, comparatively- I was mostly recovered in time to do a bit of something for Yule, though not as much as usual, and I haven’t had much issue with Christmas food either. The hubby is another story, but at least he got to enjoy himself on Christmas Eve before it got him.

Coloring Books
With hubby spending most of the day asleep, Christmas Day was pretty quiet this year. Thankfully, I had some coloring books to take up the time, and get my mind off of plans going by the wayside.

We haven’t been able to spend much time with the hubby’s side of the family this year, since Christmas Day is when we meet up with them, but we got a relaxing Christmas Eve with my folks at least. It’s taken a while to get used to the flip-flop routine of spending time with both families, but it’s nice when it works out. This year, of course, things were a little different. Hubby’s family, though, took it in stride. This just means Christmas isn’t completely over yet.

Thankful Thursday – Hanging in There

So, this weeks list might be a little short… well, shorter than it was last week at least. Not to say that this week’s been bad. It hasn’t. Not at all. It has, however, been stressful, and I vaguely feel like my brain is made of swiss cheese at the moment. My mental energy is lacking, to say the least.

Fuzzy Socks
It’s finally chilly enough to pull out the fuzzy socks I got for myself a month or so ago. Well, technically it’s been chilly enough for the for a while now, but I’d kind of lost them in my rocking chair/dumping ground. However, I finally dug them out and got some use out of them, and they are as wonderfully fluffy and soft as I had hoped. Now if I can just remember to actually use them, instead of just curling my feet up underneath my legs like usual.

Diane Birch
I’ve been listening to Speak a Little Louder on repeat this week. Not sure what it is about that album right now, whether it’s that nice mix of up and down tempo, or the soft rock meshing with soul, but it’s scratching a particular itch- letting my brain loosen just a bit.

Christmas Tree
So I know last week I listed holiday decorations, so this is kind of repetitive, but I really like them, and we finally managed to get the tree decorated this week. It’d been sitting in the living room for the past couple of weeks- lit, but pretty bare, save a tiny stuffed Santa sitting on one of the branches and the a gold star on the top. Now though, it’s decked out in all its glittery glory, like it should be.

And finally…

The End’s Within Sight
Thank God the semester’s almost over. Not a moment too soon in my opinion… well, aside from the whole not having time enough to get everything done… but my brain’s screaming for a break. And for a fresh start. Just one more day and I’ll be free ’til January.

Thankful Thursday – Snow and Decorations

So I said I had some ideas, beyond doing some book reviews. Thankful Thursday is one of them.

Because it’s easy (at least for me) to fall into a rut and let the negativity overwhelm, especially right now at the end of the semester when everything (and everyone in the school building) is crazy- when deadlines are looming and there’s just not enough time (and for me, at the moment, not enough paper). When it’s very easy to go to work in the dark and leave with an hour or so of light left in the day.

I do my best every evening to think of five things I’m thankful for from that day. Sometimes it’s really really easy and some days the activity turns into my listing the ways that the day could have been worse. I never write it down- most of the time just calling them to mind while I’m in the shower or before I fall asleep. I thought, perhaps, it would be nice to have a record of those things- well, some of them at least. The highlights of the week, I guess you could say. And so, to start the first Thankful Thursday…

This blog
Is it odd to be thankful for something you’ve created for yourself? Maybe, maybe not. Be that as it may, I’m thankful for the idea and the energy this week to actually carry the idea out. I’m not always that lucky. It’s not every day you get a new way to stretch your creative muscles, and find a new place to play.

An easier week
If there’s one thing that you can predict about teaching, it’s that no day is ever the same. Some days are going to be better than others. And some weeks… and some months… And last week (up til last Thursday) was one of the worst this year. The difference, this week, has been like night and day and it’s been like being able to breathe again after being held under water.

Snow day
Okay, so there’s one more thing that you can (typically) predict about teaching- how welcome a snow day is. As good as the past week has been, comparably, seeing the snow come down and absolutely blanket the ground, knowing the temps are right around freezing- and thus the fact that I could sleep in the next day- absolutely heaven.

Holiday Decorations
I don’t know what it is I like most about holiday decorations. If it’s the lights popping out of the darkness, or the colors, or just the associated memories- like the music box that always sat on top of my parent’s piano, or the trips we always took with my grandparents- just driving around and looking at the lights because neither of them could drive and they lived at the head of their holler. Whatever it is, it’s my favorite part about December.

So how about you? Is there anything this Thursday that you’re particularly thankful for? If so I’d love to hear about it.