Thankful Thursday – Back to the Grind

So, today being the first day back from Christmas vacation I’m not exactly feeling very thankful… what can I say, breaks are never long enough. Be that as it may, it does a brain good to try to focus on the positives sometimes, especially on those days where the negatives seem to abound.

It’s a short week, at least
I may have had to go back after what feels like way to short of a time, but at least I only have to deal with two days before I get a break. I’m through one day already, so the weekend is just within reach.

I haven’t gotten the flu
Considering I dealt with the aftermath of a stomach virus for a good portion of Christmas break, this seems a bit of an odd thing to be thankful for, but I found out today that the current strain of the flu is particularly bad, and considering how my body normally handles anything like that, I think I’ll stick with having had the stomach stuff… crossing fingers.

I haven’t had to cook dinner the past few days
Parents and in-laws wanting to eat out for New Years eve and day, and then hubby bringing home dinner tonight… sounds just fine to me.

Critical Role
On my last day or so of break I starting watching campaign one of the series, and I’m finding it just as entertaining as campaign two- at least now that I’ve skipped into the series a bit instead of starting out right at the beginning and have discovered…

Closed Captioning
My hearing is pretty good, but combine a very slight delay in my own auditory processing speeds with at times less than stellar audio quality and you’ve got a frustrated listener. The captioning is helping out a lot with the earlier episodes.

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